Q: I really want to apply to be on the team, what do you look for in a player?

A: Many factors go into making the decision. Some factors include things like PDGA history, tournament results, ratings, etc. But we also look at things like your social media presence, where you live, and how much influence you have in your local scene. Being a newer company it’s important that we balance the team with competitive players and ambassadors for the Finish Line brand and sport as a whole.  

Q: Do I have to pay to be on Team Finish Line discs?

A: No

Q: Can I have other agreements/partnerships outside of Finish Line?

A: Absolutely, as long as you’re able to meet your Finish Line obligations we completely support that!

Q: Do I have to throw all Finish Line discs?

A: No, but we do ask that you bag a certain % of molds and wear our Logo during competitive rounds to qualify for the team. We make Team Finish Line discs and gear available to purchase a-la-carte via our Team Shop or as a bundle via one of our featured ‘Player Kits’ for 2024. 

Q: Am I required to be active on social media?

A: Being active on Social Media is a huge plus! The more disc golf content, the better! Once you’re on the Team we encourage you to use Finish Line hashtags to get more views: #FinishLineDisc #TeamFinishLineDiscs etc.

Q: How many events am I expected to play?

A: We expect players to play a minimum of 12 PDGA events throughout the year.  Non sanctioned events, leagues, PDGA leagues do not count towards this total but are still encouraged.

Q: Can I play in events like the Trilogy challenge where there are no Finish Line discs allowed?

A: Of course, these are special events to help grow the sport. Wearing Finish Line apparel at these types of events is a great way to represent. 

Q: Can I run/TD non-Finish Line sponsored events?

A: Of course!

Q: Are there behavior requirements?

A: Yes, there is a code of conduct that all Team Members must sign. Community is a huge pillar for our team, so we expect everyone on the team to be active and approachable towards the others. 

Q: Once I’m on the team, is it my spot forever?

A: No. While we have contract obligations that need to be met throughout the season we also understand things could change or Finish Line might not be the best spot for you. While it’s extremely rare, you can be removed during the season, not invited back, or leave on your own accord.  


Q: What happens if I miss the open window to apply?

A: Windows open and close! If you missed it while it was open, make sure to follow Finish Line Discs on Instagram regularly to see when our applications open. 

Q: How do I know if I made the team?

A: If your application is accepted you’ll receive an email from the Team Captain within about 2 weeks of applying. If you do not hear back within that time frame, it likely means you did not make the Team.

Q: Do I have to reapply at the next open window if I wasn’t selected?

A: Yes, you will need to reapply and encourage you to do so. We love to see the progress and it is a huge point for reconsideration


Q: Do I need to sign a contract to join?

A: Yes, all Team Members are required to sign their contracts annually. 

Q: What happens if I violate the contract?

A: It’s case by case. Our aim is to mentor and help people through any challenging circumstances, and will make every effort to find positive solutions.

Q: What date ranges are contracts good for?

A: Contacts are good for the calendar year. Contracts signed in November or December will carry over into the next year. For example, contracts signed on 11/1/2023 will be valid from that day on through 12/31/2024. 


Q: What are these packages that sponsored players are offered?

A: There are multiple packages available for purchase. These options will be shared once you’re selected to join the Team.  These packages will cover the majority if not all your needs to get started, and sold at a substantial discount!  

Q: Are yearly packages mandatory?

A: No, they are not mandatory. They are put into place to help jump start your season or relationship with Finish Line Discs. 

Q: If I want to, can I order more than one package?

A: Yes, however ‘Player Kits’ are subject to warehouse availability

Q: Do I get to choose the discs and clothing sizes I get in my package?

A: We do take requests, and will make every effort to satisfy those requests unless we’re unable to due to warehouse availability. 

Q: Am I allowed to sell the gear I get in packages?

A: Absolutely not. You are not allowed to sell the gear you get in these packages.  If this is something you would like to do, we suggest you become a vendor.  Selling your package discs or team gear is grounds for dismissal.

Q: Can I get the Finish Line logo printed clothing?

A: No other company can apply the Finish Line logo without our permission. We will however provide Team Finish Line heat vinyl transfers for Team Members to iron on themselves.


Q: What is the points system?

A: The points system is designed to reward players for doing great work for themselves, for the Finish Line and in their local scene. Points are accrued throughout the season through a list of qualified earning opportunities to be used in the Team Shop. Top 3 point earners throughout the season will be significantly rewarded.

Q: How do I submit or keep track of my points?

A: Points are tracked on a Quarterly basis. Each player is responsible for tracking their points and submitting along with their proof of earned points.  A master file will be kept to track points for each player throughout the season. 

Q: How do I spend my points?

A: Simple, you submit a request to convert your points into credits towards the Team Shop. Each point is worth $1 to the team Shop. Shipping prices are separate and must be paid by the teammate.


Q: What is the Team Shop?

A: The Team Shop is a member only website to purchase Finish Line, and Team Finish Line discs and gear.

Q: Can I sell items I order from the Team Shop?

A: Absolutely not.  These are Team only benefits.  You should not be buying them for friends or buying items to sell for profit.

2024 TEAM


Drew Gibson
Dawson Snelling


Trevor Staub
Broderic Thompson
Cory Kramer


Greg Barber
Kolt Slater
Seth Brown
Bryson Haft
Tomas Jeronimo
Justin sartin
Cassandra Lioi
Dalton Beighley
Dylan weaver
David Hurley
Mac Givens
Austin Roos
Garrett Colwell
Kirby Boehm
Zach Lyons-Wade
Jake McIntosh
Trinity Bryant
Travis Britt
Dylan Lloyd
Owen Rice
Robin Bowers
Adam Seymour
Grayson Whipp
Dylan Van’t Hul
Aaron Gettys
John Lucas
Noah Prima
Benjamin VanSumeren
Taylor Coulam
Ryan Marquardt
Brooks McGill
Nicholas Anderson
Jonah Burdick
Caleb Heck


Dylan Bosworth
Spencer Blanchard
Jose Sanchez
Mike Berry
Logan Peterson
Jacob Fields
Mikey Shifflett
Jackie Grammer
Brandon Bosworth
Nicholas Summerour
Ryan Mearig
Ron Brown
Steven Massey
Adam jimenez
Dalton Hubbard
Jared Monsma
Austin Daman
Nick Boland
Josh granado
John Reed
Daniel Miley
Alek Anderson
Brent bierman
Paul Haskew Jr.
Noah Turnbull
Danial Zaid
Logan Missner
Brandon Harn
Chaz Matthews III
Andrew Hoffman
Eric Peal
Matthew Marsh
JJ Campbell
Jonas Zupanic
Zach Sharp
Grant Woodson